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the second opinion medical legal services


DR. James N. Sears

DOCTOR JAMES N. SEARS graduated from The Faculty of Medicine at The University of Toronto in June 1988. He then began an internship and was elected Chief Intern, on a platform of sweeping administrative reforms and improved working conditions for his junior doctors.

After successfully completing his internship in June 1989, DR. JAMES N. SEARS became a licentiate of The Medical Council of Canada. He then obtained leadership skills, training in the allocation of men and materials, and vast experience in the conservation of Human Resources while employed as a commissioned Medical Officer in The Canadian Armed Forces. In September 1991 he was honourably released at the rank of Captain.

As a civilian DR. JAMES N. SEARS established two medical clinics and a housecall service employing 80 physicians and 30 support staff. Wanting to fully utilize his hard-earned skills, he founded Canada’s FIRST and ONLY Medical Investigation company in September 1994, The SECOND OPINION ® Medical-Legal Consultants Group Inc., of which he is presently the Chief Executive Officer.

In July 1995, almost a year after founding the Medical Investigation profession, and wanting to provide it with quality control, DR. JAMES N. SEARS established THE COLLEGE OF MEDICAL INVESTIGATORS OF ONTARIO, of which he is presently the Registrar.


  • “AN INVESTIGATIVE APPROACH TO THE MANAGEMENT OF MEDICAL CLAIMS FRAUD”, Canadian Underwriter Magazine, August 1995-October 1995: A three-part article on medical claims fraud, with input from some key consultants of whose existence much of the insurance industry was previously unaware. Partially reprinted in The Toronto Star on September 30, 1995, and completely reprinted by Without Prejudice Magazine in November 1995.
  • “INAPPROPRIATE BILLING OF GOVERNMENT-INSURED SERVICES TO PRIVATE INSURERS”, Canadian Underwriter Magazine, February 1996: An in-depth discussion of medical services which are covered by provincial health plans but are instead illegally billed to private insurance carriers.
  • “BILL 59: FERTILE FIELD FOR FRAUD”, Canadian Underwriter Magazine, February 1997: A critical analysis of Ontario's new automobile insurance legislation with special emphasis placed on how it has opened the door for fraudulent claims submissions.
  • “PRESCRIPTION FOR A CLAIMS DRAIN”, Canadian Underwriter Magazine, February 1997: An in-depth analysis of how common adverse effects of prescription medications can often produce symptoms that are falsely attributed to injuries resulting from a motor vehicle accident.
  • “REHABILITATION COMES CALLING”, Canadian Underwriter Magazine, August 1997: An example of how mobile rehabilitation services can save insurers money in the long run.
  • “AFTER THE FALL”, Canadian Underwriter Magazine, February 1998: An article on the little-understood techniques of “slip and fall analysis”, which were pioneered several years ago by Dr. Sears.

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Medical Investigation was unheard of in Canada when DR. JAMES N. SEARS came on the scene back in 1994. Since then he has changed the way in which insurers approach medical fraud and the way in which lawyers approach medical malpractice. He has developed unique and highly effective medical investigative techniques which to date have not been duplicated by any other consulting company in the world! These facts combined with his greater than 95% success rate within 3 months of being retained on a fraud file make DR. JAMES N. SEARS the top Medical Investigator in North America.

His contributions to the fight against medical insurance fraud and his relentless efforts to ensure that all patients harmed by incompetent doctors are given the opportunity to have their voices heard, have also turned him into a very controversial figure. Because of his critical articles and outspoken commentaries, DR. JAMES N. SEARS is considered “public enemy #1” by many provincial governments, rehabilitation facilities, health practitioners, ambulance chasers, and special interest group-infested professional licensing bodies.

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